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Freediving - the oldest form of diving, what one knows - just take a breath and sinking - it's freediving.

Imagine for a moment diving, when you do not need any expensive equipment, automatics, jackets, oxygen tanks, all of the load and equipment, which is costly and difficult.

Imagine that you just take breath and dive for several minutes under water. In comfort, ease, freedom to swim and live there for a moment where we all came from.

And now you say that you do not have breath enough.
That it is a sport for a select few people.
That you're too old.

Not so. Whales, dolphins, seals are mammals like us, humans. Their physiology is staying on the water surface very dclose to our own, human. However, when they goes below sea level physiological processes start happening in their bodies, which are called "mammalian diving reflex."
And this reflex is also part of our human genetic code.
It's just that this reflex to "start."

Through extensive freediving research, conducted at universities, such as Karolinski Institute and  Harvard, we understand much better the true value of mammalian diving reflex. By integrating this unique research, along with 10 years extensive teaching experience in training world-class freedivers, determine our system key knowledge and skills essential, for effective training of individuals in freediving. We have developed specialized training programs, preparing our students to use their own innate mammalian diving reflex and move efficiently underwater on one breath.

And now to know who will learn you these skills:

My name is Martin Cheníček, and I am doing freediving for years. I've been through in my life many sports at the top level, I am swimming marathons, run around 100 km a week, climbing, I raced 10 years snowboarding and downhill biking, jumping from a plane and I rode races on road bikes. I am the man who put sports and any activity on a first place in my live.

But Freediving is for me something more than just a sport.

. It is hard to define, difficult to place. For me it has become the most comprehensive sport activity, that requires everything from me. Physical fitness, understanding your body processes and last, but not least, it is for me the shortest way to meditate, because diving beneath the surface for me is a kind of entrance to the temple of silence and water.

I started the same process as you. I could hold my breath only for a minute ...

Today, thanks to F.I.I. the teaching system, of which I am an instructor, I have had about 14.000 dives flawlessly to depths around 70 meters and a timeof almost seven minutes.

But that's not important.
In Freediving that I teach, I try to help you, my students, to be able of one thing and one thing only.

No matter how old you are.
It does not matter that you "only" snorkel.

I will try to teach you, how to stay underwater as long as possible, ano matter woh deep you will be. How to do it safely, how to learn a lot about yourself to improve your physical fitness, and last but not least, how to add depth to your live.

That is what is freediving.
That's what I'm willing to give you.

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