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When I was deciding where I will teach freediving, I had clear requirements.

It was :

  1. hot water for the whole year, so I will dont need a wetsuit and could be in the ocean without any restriction, whenever I think of…
  2. Beautiful visibility and the possibility of diving considerable depths from the bank…

My idea has met conditions at most on island of Bali, Indonesia  (map) and about place, where I ewant to teach, I meet with the owners of the resort RELAXBALI, where is family atmosphere and the people are nice to each other.
My F.I.I. (Freediving Instructors International) school is therefore part of the resort, where we can provide accommodation, facilities, food and of course a lot of the best of diving.

Just in front of the resort we have flooded the ship, with a length of approximately 40m, in depth from 20 to 40 meters. We have trainig buoy with ropes, pool for training static, a wonderful place to learn theory and completely equipments for diving like fins, heavy belts, and all things necessary, if you dont want to take all your stuff with you, or you just passed by wandering in Indonesia...

I organize for you trips to the wreck Liberty, the opportunity to go diving with mantas, trips with small boats on a beautiful reef, walls going up to depths of about 70 meters, a lot of marine life and all the peace and nature which is out of the busy tourist centers.

So once you have enough of autumn, or long winter in your country, or you want take some freediving breath before the season, or improve your freediving under our educational system, try to interact with animals under water, or crawl through the dark corners of local wrecks - come visit us in Bali, Cuba Relax, bali resort

Freediving Instructors International

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