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Freediving courses under our teaching and learning system F.I.I. are in several levels, and I think everyone can choose.

FII Freediving Course Level 1 freediver
Level 1 course is an introduction to the education system FII. Includes everything from security and troubleshooting, breathing techniques, equipment selection, to the proper method diving leading to a gradual increase in power and depth. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to master the basic techniques of freediving, that gives you the confidence to touch dive to depths of up to 20m.

In the course FII Level 1 we will discuss the following topics:

- Level 1 Safety and troubleshooting for freediving
- Level 1 Development of breathing techniques for freediving
- Level 1 Techniques and Buddy rescue team in terms of open water
- Introduction to the special equipment for freediving
- Basic physics and physiology
- Progress of proper techniques for freediving
- Proper breathing for freediving
- Proper Equalization Techniques
- Training for open water rescue, cooperation in the Buddy Team
- Open water training until 20m depth

Students Course Level 1 freediver may not dive to a maximum depth of course for granting a certification. FII certification tests are based on the skills and knowledge that you will adopt during the course.
We issue a certification which makes you able to use the diving bases, deep pools and allow you to dive in locations where you would not like a ordinary "snorkelers" let go. You will receive a manual and a lot of information in printed form.

Minimum Duration: 2 Day Course

2 days course price: 179, - EUR
Price of multi-day course on Bali, Croatia, or Mexico - Yucatan peninsula : e-mail


Course of safety on open water.

For those of you who do not want to spend a few days in one place, I can ofcourse also offer courses dedicted to you directly. One of them is the day Safety course.

Whether you are just snorkelers or you just want to know something about how to safely move in the aquatic environment, how to properly go under water, or do not those basic mistakes that can be fatal, or just acquiring the knowledge needed to ensure, that you are able to get drowning of water, helped your wife, girlfriend, friend, or tyour own children in crisis situations - for those of you I have prepared this one-day educational system.

I will teach you a lot about your own physiology, we illustrate and practice correct rescuing of  drowning people, how to effectively diging with feets in the water, and how to work with the breath.

You will try that without breathe you still have a plenty of time, to deal with dificult situation under water, and you get the supremacy over the water environment.

Course price: 60,-EUR


Training with buoy and rope on depths.

Of course, many experienced freedivers wants just to train, or on the road around the island dive in places where it is safe and beautiful.
It's easy. Just write me an email and I will at our resort prepare one or two professional buoy with rope to 40-50 meters, prepare, and I'll be there your safety oversight – even if it will be just you alone.

I have had CPR courses, AR, Advacend safety, OXY, so the quality safety buddy will be there four you.

One day 2x2hrs (morning, afternoon) sessions with direct supervision, equipment rentals, ready ropes, weights, complete service.
Price : 60,- EUR


At one breath with animals....

Trip to see Manta, sunfish, sharks

- Boat trips to places where Mantas leaving cleaning ... Beautiful location with the largest stingrays in the world, the range of "wings" up to 6 m .... at depths up to 1O meters, an unusual experience with these beautiful creatures.

- Boat trip to the place where the largest bony fish – Sunfish, Mola Mola gathered together to rest and clean ... One-day ship expedition (its size maters to number ofdivers from 9 to 15 m) always includes at least two dive places in the islands, each with a diving guides and refreshments.

- Generally, meetings with sharks is a unique experience. Some divers will not meet sharks for a several years. In the waters around Bali we can meet very offten species of blacktips and whitetips sharks. They grow to a maximum size of 2 m and they are rather shy. Larger species of hammerhead shark to a  whale shark  are occur here as well, but you can meet them only rarely.
At a meeting or photographing sharks we have a few locations where we can observe these magnificent fishes in their natural environment. With the sharks we dive all year round.

Price : Of the agreement and the number of freedivers and also scuba divers.
For more info write : email :


Yoga for freediving.

I dedicated  to studium of Yoga many years, and although it was written about yoga a lot, I bring you to the whole new look.
We are not stretching to the positions, but breathing.
It is not important to perform precise positions, but we place impact on working with the breath, and its application in everyday life.

I will teach you breathing exercises, with them you will lower your heart fregvence, improve flushing the lungs, lowering the blood pressure, I will show you exercises to assist stimulate the production of hemoglobin and for the real strongmen I have procedures of Training strengthening core muscle groups of the body.

Price of one hour lesson :  10,- EUR


Martin and Mirka,
Freediving Instructors International

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